Thursday, October 06, 2005

Now poor ba3eee .. we slaughtered one .. and the other was got so lonely and decided to play some soccer :D  Posted by Picasa

Now look at these cute ba3eeeks ... we were going to a picnic .. so we bought two ... they looked like they were friends ... then unfortunately ... one had to go first ..... (slaughtered) Posted by Picasa

Thie is when the apples were out in our farm .. so we went to pick them .. the blue basket was mine .. i think i picked all the rotten ones lol  Posted by Picasa

This is what the fruit and vegetables were put in .. they were outside in boxes .. mmm and the watermelon was open ... too much bacteria and bugs around :s  Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 26, 2005

NOWWWWWW if you are wondering how the stores and makert are in kurdistan .. i took 3 pics .. people were looking at me like (hey wat are you doing) .. so i didnt take alot  Posted by Picasa

And these Mish_Mish (appricots) .. YUmmy they were soOooo GOOD !  Posted by Picasa

This Picture was taking in the Gund (village) i belong to ..  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Beautiful houses .. All in Kurdistan ..  Posted by Picasa

Look at this house .. Pay attention to the wires .. lol .. it was all for electricity  Posted by Picasa

This is my cousin's home .. also in 7al Al-Malayin .. the housees are so colorful  Posted by Picasa

Bumper Cars @ Dream CIty ;)  Posted by Picasa

Dream City had Video Game hall .. It actually had some of the games that we have here .. It was fun for kids =)  Posted by Picasa

Ummm .. Dream City was no Dream City .. Before Going there all my cousins were like .. Oh let's go to dream city .. I thougth it was big deal .. It really wasn't .. Actually for us the people visiting them it wasn't so much of a big deal .. But to them it was =) Coz that's all they have so far ..  Posted by Picasa

.. Welcome TO Dream CIty .. LOL Kurdistan's Recreational Park ..  Posted by Picasa

This is another pic of Ashawa ..  Posted by Picasa

When the weather was not so bad .. People could actually go out and enjoy their time .. This is called "Ashawa" .. It's in duhok .. We had so much fun here .. I would walk up and down the stairs with my cousin .. The water was freeziing !!  Posted by Picasa

This was also a pic that i took from the balcoy .. Just showing the beautiful Mountains .. I miss them so much .. Stinky Nashville has no mountains ........  Posted by Picasa

I love this pic .. Just outside of our house .. This family had a lil garden and a place to make bread in which we call "tanir" in kurdish .. Their bread was real good!! She made (sawket gijnij, and regular bread) .. One thing that i was surprised with was ... They don't make kurdish bread their anymore!! They just do the regular bread .. OR take their flour to a bakery and have them bake it for them ..  Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of kids that made their own soccer field .. It was all dust and looked nasty to play in .. But that's all that those kids had =) And they looked like they enjoyed it very much =) Posted by Picasa

I took this picutre from the balcony of the house we stayed in .. The mountains are beautiful =)  Posted by Picasa

This is the hosue we stayed at .. The place was called "7ay Al-Malayin" .. Umm I guess to translate that to english it would be the Millioner Place or Street ( I guess) .. I really liked the house we stayed in .. We had it all to ourself .. But it was too much work .. We had guest everyday .. WE had to clean the house like wash it all .. And dishes .. Oh god so much work!! Posted by Picasa

Turkey was too much fun .. Even though the people were not very nice and respectful .. I didn't care! I went there to enjoy the place, which i definately enjoyed.

Once we got to Zaxo boarder! Oh you dont know the feeling! It's such a nice feeling to feel that its true you're stepping in Kurdistan. We first had to stop at this Kurdish station. They were so nice!! They brought us tea and we asked us where we came from. This guy had some family in Nashville that we know .. IT was fun talking to them .. After that we drove 10 minutes to meet our our relatives .. I don't know how to describe my feelings towards what happened when i saw my uncles, cousings, aunts, and best of all my grandma. Oh i just didn't know who to hug and i just cried and cried .. It was such a happy moment .. The drive from Zaxo to Duhok was about an hour .. On the way i saw all the beautiful mountains of Kurdistan .. IT was just too beautiful =)

If you put the issues of hot weather aside, Kurdistan is the best .. Its so much better to live between ur family .. and ur own people .. But it was just hard .. Once you get used to living outside of kurdistan .. Its hard to go back and actually live there ..

I went to many places and had a lot of fun .. now for some pictures from Kurdistan Rangin ..... =)

Monday, August 29, 2005

This was outside of the Sultan Mehmet musume. Beautiful =)  Posted by Picasa

This was just AMAZING!! This shirt belonged to one of the sultan's. I bet that sultan was very fat coz the shirt was huge. But the intresting thing was that all over the shirt the quran was published on it.  Posted by Picasa

This is Sultan Mehmet Mosque. These were all mosque but they turned them into musumes. Just beautiful. Posted by Picasa

This is a summary of what the haja sofia is.  Posted by Picasa