Thursday, September 01, 2005

Turkey was too much fun .. Even though the people were not very nice and respectful .. I didn't care! I went there to enjoy the place, which i definately enjoyed.

Once we got to Zaxo boarder! Oh you dont know the feeling! It's such a nice feeling to feel that its true you're stepping in Kurdistan. We first had to stop at this Kurdish station. They were so nice!! They brought us tea and we asked us where we came from. This guy had some family in Nashville that we know .. IT was fun talking to them .. After that we drove 10 minutes to meet our our relatives .. I don't know how to describe my feelings towards what happened when i saw my uncles, cousings, aunts, and best of all my grandma. Oh i just didn't know who to hug and i just cried and cried .. It was such a happy moment .. The drive from Zaxo to Duhok was about an hour .. On the way i saw all the beautiful mountains of Kurdistan .. IT was just too beautiful =)

If you put the issues of hot weather aside, Kurdistan is the best .. Its so much better to live between ur family .. and ur own people .. But it was just hard .. Once you get used to living outside of kurdistan .. Its hard to go back and actually live there ..

I went to many places and had a lot of fun .. now for some pictures from Kurdistan Rangin ..... =)


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